Saturday, September 1, 2018

. . . And the Old Lock-Keeper's House Restored!

So, there's been some exciting news regarding the old Lock-Keeper's House on the National Mall. You know, the oldest structure on the Mall, a remnant of a past in which there was a canal and a creek running in front of the White House where Constitution Avenue is today. The little stone building was in bad shape for a long time, having been disused. But recently, a big restoration was undertaken, and the work is basically finished. The space is now a visitors center for the Mall, and has a lovely new setting, further back from the road (it was seriously right on the sidewalk, ten feet away from six lanes of heavy traffic).

I used to walk over to see it regularly when I worked nearby, but now that I don't, I haven't had that pleasure. However, today and tomorrow (and yesterday), the building will be open to the public. It will then close again, for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, but probably to finalize a few last things before it opens for good to the public. I'm stoked and am going to head down there today.

Until then, please read this nice WaPo article about the building and restoration:

ETA: And here are some pictures for you all:

The rafters of what would've been the second floor (and an attic)
are open/exposed. This would've been a second-floor fireplace.

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